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At ExecutiveAB, (EAB) we provide you with best in class auto-buying experience.  With over fifty years of combined experience, the professionals at EAB have an extensive understanding of car buying.  We provide the most advanced technology service — allowing you to personally pick the best possible, new and pre-owned cars based on the parameters you provide, with prices slightly over wholesale.  What makes us unique is our customer first approach.  You decide what you want.  You determine the color, make, model, options and upgrades that you want on the car.  You receive a list of cars for you to choose from the manufacrtuers nationwide inventory.  We call it “Concerige Car Buying”.

Once you select the vehicle and identify your funding source, the vehicle is procured, all inspections and maintenance needed are completed, and deliver the vehicle is delivered to you. How cool is that?

You do not have to go through the stress of finding a car, negotiating a price and bringing the car home. We do it all for you.  What’s more, you save an average of $3,237 off the retail price.  We promise… you won’t miss the salesman.


At EAB, we cater to Motorsports enthusiasts as well. We partner with high-end wheel maker HRE performance wheels to provide our customers the high performance and luxury wheels for their vehicles.

HRE wheels are the finest in the world as a result of a focus on exceptional materials, engineering and manufacturing methods.  The technology used in wheels has evolved over the past 30 years and HRE has been there to lead the way.  HRE’s commitment to its customers, people and product is fulfilled by a never ending pursuit to continually improve the quality of their product and service.

With EAB on your side, you get exceptional quality of service and reliability of a big brand names.

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