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Learn more about the details of how our service works through frequently asked questions.
What is EAB doing for added safety during the COVID-19 pandemic?
How long does it take to complete a purchase using EAB?
How is EAB different than Truecar?
How is EAB different than Carvana and Shift?
Can you provide financing on a new car?
How do I obtain manufacturer financing?
Can I get the same manufacturer incentives offered by automakers using EAB?
Can EAB obtain a car I have already began negotiating with at a dealership?
Can EAB obtain a car a dealer or other website has listed for sale?
Do I have to go to a dealership to pick up my car?
What’s the oldest vehicle EAB can purchase?
Does EAB provide vehicle history for pre-owned cars?
Is EAB Pricing always the cheapest for pre-owned vehicles?
Does a pre-owned vehicle purchased through EAB have a warranty?
Can I buy an extended warranty through EAB?
What’s covered under an extended warranty purchased through EAB?