Frequently Asked Questions

We know everyone is curious. Don’t worry, we are as curious as you are. But, to make it easy, we have listed our FAQ’s below.

How long does an average EAB car purchase take?

Usually within 5 days, once you have chosen the vehicle you want.  However, you can receive your vehicle within 24 hours if needed. 

Can I buy a vehicle using EAB if I reside in another state?

Yes.  EAB uses the same procedures for any user.  You are not bound by your geographical area or location.  If you reside in a remote or rural area EAB is the best way for you to obtain your vehicle.  No need to travel anywhere to get your next vehicle.

How do I pick up my vehicle if I reside in another city or state?

FREE shipping is standard within the Continental United States.  95% of the vehicles qualify for FREE door-to-door delivery.

Who is EAB's core clientele?

EAB was created for the consumer who knows what they want, and has or will obtain their funding without any problems. Our clientele cover the full spectrum of people and professions. The common factor among  EAB clientele is the fact they embrace the use of today’s technology to save time and money.  

What is the advantage of using EAB?

You do not have to waste any time driving around looking for a car.   You get results straight to the source (the automobile maker) and obtain the exact car you want.  You know exactly what you will pay for the vehicle, before making any decision to buy the vehicle.

How is EAB different from the ways of buying a vehicle?

EAB is a portal that provides vehicles from the manufacturers inventory.   You choose exactly want you want.  You control the entire process.

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